Quick Facts about Psoriasis

Quick Facts about Psoriasis

August is national psoriasis awareness month. Chances are if you or someone you know doesn’t suffer from psoriasis then you most likely do not know a lot about this skin condition.  While psoriasis isn’t contagious, awareness is:

  • 125 Million – the number of people affected by psoriasis worldwide
  • 7.5 Million – the number of people affected by psoriasis in the United States
  • Scaling, itching, thick red skin – the most common symptoms of psoriasis
  • 10 to 30 – the percentage of psoriasis patients that experience arthritis symptoms as a result of their condition
  • Scalp, Knees, Elbows, Hands and Feet – the most common areas on the body where psoriasis occurs
  • 15 to 35 – the average age range where people have their first psoriasis outbreak
  • 60 – the percentage of people with psoriasis who reported their disease is a large problem in their everyday life
  • 26 – the average number of work days missed in a year by a psoriasis patient as a result of their illness
  • 10% – the likelihood of a child developing psoriasis if one of his or her parents is affected by it
  • 50% – the likelihood of a child developing psoriasis if both parents are affected by it
  • 0 – the number of cures for psoriasis

While psoriasis has no cure there is hope for a cure. Researchers are studying psoriasis now more than ever before. They now have a strong understanding of the genetic causes of psoriasis and how it affects the immune system. While there is no cure, there is an abundance of excellent treatment options to control or manage your psoriasis and its symptoms.

Skin Struggles?

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