Skin Care Rules While Traveling

Skin Care Rules While Traveling

Cold weather, holiday foods, stress, Christmas cookies – there are plenty of factors that contribute to skin breakouts this time of the year. Another sabotage? Travel. From traveling in planes, trains and automobiles, to staying in hotels and interrupting your skin care regimen, your skin is going to take the brunt of the change. Here are board-certified dermatologist Dr. Giacomo Maggiolino’s top tips to help your skin cope with traveling:

Keep skin hydrated.
Traveling can mean being in and out of different humidity-level environments causing your skin to become dehydrated. Pack a proper moisturizer and have it with you while traveling. Apply regularly, before your skin can become dry.

Don’t forget your lips.

Just as your skin can become easily dehydrated, your lips also suffer while in varying elements. Be sure to pack an SPF hydrating lip balm in your carry-on and apply as needed.

Use sunscreen – no matter the mode of transportation and destination!
Sunscreen is vital whether you are traveling to the beach or mountains, and even if you are traveling on an airplane. Studies have shown higher rates of skin cancer in pilots and flight attendants. If you are in the window seat, it is highly suggested to lower the shade as the window does not block the sun’s UV rays.

Bring face wipes along.
Rather than carrying multiple cleansers with you, or utilizing the hotel bar of soap, bring along makeup-removing towelettes to keep your face fresh and clean.

Tailor your skin care routine to the destination.
When you book a trip, you likely pick somewhere with a different climate than you live in. This means you will want to tailor your skin care routine based on where you are going. For example, if you live in the cold and are using a heavy moisturizer, when you head to a warmer destination you will want to opt for a lightweight moisturizer to prevent your skin from getting greasy and breaking out.

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