Skin Renewal Tips for the New Year

Skin Renewal Tips for the New Year

If all of the eating, drinking, and extra stress from the holidays have left your skin feeling dull, or if you have damage such as fine lines and dark spots, there are many cosmetic treatments that can improve the look of wrinkles, dull skin, and uneven skin tone. The beginning of the year is a fantastic time to schedule a personalized cosmetic treatment that will leave your skin glowing!

If you are experiencing wrinkles and fine lines:

Botox® is a safe and easy method for reducing wrinkles and fine lines that gives quick results with no downtime. In as little as one Botox® injection treatment from a board-certified dermatologist, your skin will look more youthful. Wrinkles and fine lines can also be treated with procedures know as laser skin resurfacing and microneedling. Patients may have their skin resurfaced at almost any age. You may have certain characteristics that make you a better candidate for one technique rather than another, or your board-certified dermatologist may have a preference based on his or her personal experience with the different methods and will discuss the option they believe is best for you.

If you are experiencing volume loss and deep wrinkles in your face from aging and prolonged sun exposure:

A board-certified dermatologist can restore that lost volume and bring back a more youthful appearance, softening the years on your face. The fastest way to replace volume is with an injectable dermal filler. These work quite well to give significant improvement, have minimal downtime, and cause very little discomfort.

If you have uneven skin tone and brown spots:

A board-certified dermatologist can evaluate the severity of your skin tone issues and treat the brown spots and unevenness with chemical peels or lasers. Chemical peels are nice fresheners and can help with brightening overall dull skin tone. For individual dark spots, the quickest way to eliminate them is typically to use a laser treatment.

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