Excessive sweating can be inconvenient and even embarrassing at times, but it can also be a sign of something more serious. It’s important to consult a board certified dermatologist to be certain that the excessive sweating you are experiencing isn’t a symptom of a medical condition. Our team of doctors, physician assistants and surgeons are on hand to address all our patients needs! Once you get confirmation that there is no underlying medical condition that needs to be addressed first, the dermatologists at our Kentucky clinics can provide treatment options to address your problem.

Hyperhidrosis exists in two forms: primary focal and secondary generalized. Primary focal is a genetic condition affecting 2.8% of the U.S. population whereas secondary is causal and its symptoms can be treated.

  • What causes excessive sweating?

    • thyroid problems
    • diabetes
    • being overweight
    • stress
    • disease or infections
  • What Treatments My Dermatologist Offer?

    Prescription antiperspirants
    Botox® injections
    Surgery on certain sweat glands or nerves
    Oral medication
    Iontophoresis (electrical current therapy)
    miraDry® (electromagnetic therapy)

  • What is considered "excessive"?

    Everyone is different but if you are sweating on a hot day or when you are sick, anxious, or physically exerting yourself, your sweating is likely your body’s natural response. On the other hand, if you are sitting down relaxing and still sweating profusely, you should consult our team of board certified dermatologists, physician’s assistants and surgeons at our dermatology clinic in Elizabethtown, Kentucky to find out what treatment options are available to treat your hyperhidrosis.

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